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2722 N. National Ave, Springfield, MO
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2722 N. National
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Merry Christmas!

Entryway to a Sacred Christmas

The more quiet and reflective Season of Advent that Christians observe each year coincides ­ and contrasts in many ways ­ with the gengenerally frenzied and consumption-focused season of holiday preparation for a secular Christmas. This, itself, makes Christians countercultural in the face of generally prevailing commercial values and pressures. This year, we are invited to look at the coming Christ Child as a clear call to engage in doing justice and, in the process, opposing the very Empire that drives the large commercial and secular celebration around us. In these seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, we will ponder the many 'isms' of Empire, and are encouraged to place ourselves in a very different position ­ squarely beside God and others among God's people who yearn for justice and peace to be alive and evident in all relationships between God, people, and creation. The yearning for justice, as well as for peace and love, caused God to act and provide a voice and model for God's desired realm in Jesus of Nazareth.

This is an approach that challenges our usual December perspective, traditions, and activities. It changes our preparation (Advent), our celebration (Christmas), and our perspective on all the days that follow (Season after the Epiphany). We do these things in the belief that they will contribute to a more meaningful Christmas celebration, and a life to follow that is more open to being the beloved community, Body of Christ, and redeemed creation, all under God's ­ rather than any empire's rule.

So let us enter Advent ­ the season of expectation and preparation to meet the Holy One and participate in turning empire on its head.

(Seasons of the Spirit™, Wood Lake Publishing)

Our Sunday schedule is
Church School for all ages: 9:30 AM
Worship 11:00 AM

About Us

Springfield Central Community of Christ is one of two local church bodies of Community of Christ in Springfield, Missouri. Community of Christ is an international Christian church with 250,000 members in more than 50 nations. Our world headquarters, including a Temple dedicated to the pursuit of peace, is located in Independence, Missouri. The church was organized in 1830 in New York State.

Our Mission:

We proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love and peace.

Sunday Services

9:30 AM
Church School

10:40 AM
Children's Ministry

11:00 AM
Morning Worship

Special Services and Events

Communion and Worship at 11:00 AM on First Sunday Each Month

Women's Meeting at 10:00 AM on Second Sunday Each Month Quarterly Prayer Breakfast (Check Monthly Calendar)

Basket Dinner - Third Sunday of Each Month after Morning Worship

Please Contact the Pastor for Details

Small Group Meetings

Southeast Group - Second Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Southwest Group - Second Thursday at 7:00 PM

Young Adult Group - Second Thursday at 6:30 PM

Congregation Celebration - Fourth Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Please Contact the Pastor for Details